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Bel Art Gallery

1999 -2013

1999 - Display of laminated photos at the German Consulate, Vancouver, BC.
- Children workshops ongoing until 2005.

2001 - Museum showing of "Gustav Klimt" Drawings, organized by the Austrian Embassy / Ottawa, Canada.

Charity School Exhibitions:
- St. Pius X Elementary School, Holy Trinity Elementary School / North Vancouver, BC.
- Saint Thomas Aquinas High school display.
- Charity for Rotary Club, West Vancouver, BC.

2002 - North Vancouver Community Arts Council Cooperation / Bel Art Gallery, "Common Threats."
- Art Sale to Fund Autism Treatment "For Elisabeth", one of the many supporters, Ms. Hillary Swank, Oscar Award Winner and Chad Lowe.

2003 - Charity Show for C.H.I.L.D. Foundation with Jane Clark (mother of Bryan Adams).
- German Canadian Benevolent" Christmas Bazaar "Fundraiser, Vancouver, BC.

2004 - Handsworth High School "Christmas" Fundraiser, North Vancouver, BC.

2006 - St. Pius X Elementary School "Annual Golf Tournament" Fundraiser, North Vancouver.

2007 - The Vancouver Board of Trade "Members Reception" Fundraiser

2008 - Youth-led Art Exhibition, raised over 35.000 for Sichuan , China Eartquake Relief at Canada Export Centre, Vancouver, BC.
- Fundraiser for Hospice, North Vancouver, BC.

2009 - Present - "SOS Children Village Surrey, BC" Fundraiser at Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver

2010 / 2011 - The Vancouver Board of Trade "Governors Ball" Fundraiser, Vancouver, BC.

2011 "InspireHealth Cancer" Fundraiser, Vancouver, BC.

2000 - 2013 Donations to the "Annual German Canadian Business Association Christmas Party" West Vancouver, BC.