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Canadian/British watercolourist Jane Saborio was born in Medellin, Columbia, and is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, the Artistes de France and Arts et Lettres. Pursuing her lifelong love of painting, Ms. Saborio creates softly evocative renditions of nature and her surroundings, expressions of her emotional response to colour, light and form. In the tradition of the French master impressionists she works whenever possible "en plein air" on location in her beloved south of France, where she has been recognized as an impressionist and awarded an impressive number of medals for the composition, originality and technique of her florals, architectural images and landscapes. She works wet in wet with a limited palette of three primary colours, blended on her unique trademark of a large dinner plate used as a palette. The plate itself becomes a beautiful abstract work of art as she mixes her colours.

Fascinated by the changing light and shadows at different times of day and under varying atmospheric conditions, she returns to her favourite places at dawn, midday and dusk to capture breathtakingly beautiful images with an exotic, tropical Spanish flavour.

Her work is featured in the collections of the Royal Bank of Canada Head Offices and the Korean Embassy in Vancouver, BC and in private collections in Canada, the United States, England, France, Holland, Italy, Japan, Costa Rica and Mexico.