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Luciana Alvarez was born 1965 in Chile and moved to Spain at the age of 7. During her time in Spain she was exposed to the visual art world of Europe, which greatly influenced her decision to become an artist.

At the age of thirteen Luciana and her family moved back to British Columbia. After completing a Mining Technology Diploma Luciana quickly realized that her true talent and passion was painting. Luciana began studying at Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design in 1992 to obtain a Fine Arts Degree with a Major in Visual Arts and has been painting professionally ever since.

Over the years Luciana has exhibited her art in numerous galleries, restaurants, boutiques the Harmony Art Festival and has taught art to children.

She paints with her heart and emotions and the final product always fascinates her. Luciana's motto is "go with the flow", the flow of energy of life. A close look at her paintings reveals the tremendous emotion within her. Each painting is a catharsis for Luciana and she feels that she undergoes a process of discovery, growth, and renewed energy as the painting unfolds. Luciana loves to experiment with different mediums, techniques and styles from impressionism to extract and fauvism. Her most influential artists are: Gauguin, Dali, Gaudi and the group of seven.

Currently residing in North Vancouver, Luciana paints full time and has a passion for numerous sports, extensive travel and photography.

Ferry Building Gallery, September 2005, group show
Traffic Cafe, September 2005 to present, solo show
Belkin Gallery, May 2005, group show
Soups Etc, May 2005 to present, solo show
Bel Art Group, January 2005 to present, group show
Subeez Cafe, November 2004, group show
Bel Art Gallery, November 2004, group show
Bel Art Gallery, February 2005, group show
Aaron Ross Gallery, January 2004, group show
Hycroft Christmas Craft, November 2003, group show
Bel Art Gallery, Fall 2003, group show
Hycroft House Gallery, September 2003, solo show
Ferry Building Gallery, July/Aug 2003, semi solo show
Art Beat, Harmony Festival, August 1-12, 2003
Cityscape Gallery, July 2003, group show
Empire Forum of Art and Design, March 2003, solo show
Banner contest for the Lonsdale Corridor, 2003-2005, 3 artists
My casa tapas restaurant, January 2003
Bel Art Gallery, 2002, group show
Ferry Gallery Building, August 2002, group show